Awareness Bands

To help raise awareness about tracheal stenosis, we are selling awareness bands for £3 each (including postage and packing).

As this is a rare and unseen condition, it can be difficult for sufferers to explain to others why they feel unwell, so raising awareness of tracheal stenosis is important for people who are living with this condition and their families. Increased awareness is also important for improving support and stimulating interest in the condition that might lead to further scientific research.

Our main aim of selling these bands is to raise awareness about tracheal stenosis, so we’ve tried to keep the cost down as much as possible. If there are any profits from selling the bands, this will be used to keep the website running and to produce and distribute information for sufferers and their families. We will provide information on the website on how much money has been raised and what it has been used for.


We deliver world-wide. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery within the UK, or 28 days for international deliveries.